Why We Don’t Follow Our Passions

It has been 3 weeks since I have posted on here and I have to say I am embarrassed. When I started my blog, I promised myself I would post weekly at the very least, but really wanted to post at least 2-3 times per week. I have failed myself, so I ended up avoiding posting anything on my blog at all. Which is the wrong response.

Recently, I have been going through some transitions, a TON of self-reflection and soul-searching thinking. I also have been extremely busy with my day job, traveling a ton and working long hours and my Dad just recently got married, which was one of the most beautiful things that Samantha and I were very lucky to be apart of. These are all excuses to not do the things I know I need to do and nothing more. There is no reason why I could have not found an hour or so each week to post something. TO SHOW UP. Showing up is what matters, showing up is what helps someone to follow your dreams. You can’t become better at what your passionate about if you don’t show up in the first place.

Why have I not been showing up? Mainly the excuses I have listed above, but it got me thinking as to why we (the collective human race) don’t follow our passions and I keep coming back to the same reasoning:

When you do not follow what makes your heart skip a beat, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning, you tend to put your energy towards things that completely drain your energy. Day jobs get in the way, other commitments become mundane and when you can grab a minute here or there, doing something that you actually care about seems way too hard. You feel too tired, you can’t fathom putting any more energy towards anything else. However, you’re not tired, you’re drained from focusing your energy on things you know don’t matter to you. In reality, putting energy towards things that make you passionate would actually help you gain energy vs. losing it. When you are making a difference and care 110% about what you are doing, you get fired up, you don’t want to stop working on it, you stop watching the clock and you dive in head first.

This above paragraph completely and totally is the reason why I have failed to show up. I know what I am passionate about, I can envision my life and how I want to be. The fact of the matter is, I need to show up and take the leap to do the things I know matter. My advice on this Hump Day: stop following the things you think you are supposed to, and start following the things you know make you energized and excited.

Dictionary definition of the word passion.


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