The Personality Compass

Last weekend I got to spend the day with some incredible people, who I humbly get to work alongside of for GLSEN Connecticut, a branch of GLSEN.  For those of you unfamiliar with GLSEN, it is an organization that fights to create safe spaces within schools for LGBTQ youth.  I didn’t know until I joined them, but they are the reason that we have GSA’s (Gay Straight Alliances) within schools today, as well as awareness programs such as Day of Silence.  I told the amazing people that I work with in this organization that I feel so grateful to be apart of this work because every time I work with them, my spirit feels better.

On this day, one of my friends introduced us to The Personality Compass which essentially helps you to better understand more about your personality.  It asks you to choose between two different words to determine if you are more North or South, then more East or West.  It was determined that I am West South, which means I am flexible, creative, friendly,caring and cooperative.  I would say this 110% accurately describes me.  It was so interesting, because when choosing between words in some of the word pairs, I wasn’t sure how that would help determine my personality.

What I found even more interesting and inspiring about this “test”, was the potential careers that would make the most sense for me:

  • Writer
    • Free Thinking-W
    • Sensitive-S
  • Story-Boarder
    • Idea-Centered-W
    • Communicator-S
  • Liaison Officer
    • Flexible-W
    • Helpful-S
  • Artist
    • Creative-W
    • Introspective-S
  • Landscaper
    • Sees Options-W
    • People Pleaser-S

Through all of these different types of careers that would best fit me, I see how they make sense.  I find that I am very free-thinking, and sensitive, especially when it comes to others.  I feel I am a great communicator, but also can be very flexible and easy going.  I can be very helpful, and introspective when it comes to speaking with others.  I couldn’t believe how well all these adjectives fit me.  I can even see how I implement many of these qualities in my current job.

But what I loved the most, was that the first thing listed was WRITER.  I honestly have always wanted to be a writer, but from a young age was told that my writing was not that great, so it didn’t feel like a realistic dream.  Over the years I have thought about writing books, but thought nobody would read them.   So I would write a few paragraphs, then I would just stop.  But on Saturday, I realized something, I am already a writer.  I write blogs on a weekly basis and I am happy to announce for the first time publicly, that I am in the middle of writing a book.  My own book, written by me.  I am going to keep mum on the details for now, but after taking this personality compass test, I realized what I am pursuing is exactly what I should be doing.

I want to thank my girlfriend, Samantha, who introduced me to GLSEN, and helped to get me thinking about other ways I can make a difference and impact on this world.  I also want to thank her for supporting me in my dreams and pushing me to be the best person I can be.  While I am at it, I want to say how very proud of her I am.  Today marks the end of her chapter at Teach for America as she embarks on her next chapter at Quinnipiac Law School.  She amazes me each and every day and has truly showed me what it means to follow your dreams.  Congratulations, Baby.

I know this post was a bit all over the place, and a whole lot personal.  But, I hope it inspires you to take The Personality Compass, and help to realize how you can pursue your dreams.  Lastly, I will leave you with one of the other clues that helped me to pursue this dream, a quote from a book written by a man, that I highly respect, Mr. Seth Godin.

Book You Write_Seth


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