Putting Down the Phone

Cell phones have become somewhat of something that is actually attached to us, instead of a device to communicate with others.  We use them to fill downtime, at anytime.  Have 15 minutes waiting for a doctor?  Play some Candy Crush.  Waiting for the commercials to end?  Why not start another game of Words with Friends.  Food still hasn’t come at your favorite restaurant? Scroll through Facebook to see what all of your friend’s are eating at that moment.

We use our phones to fill time, to keep us occupied at any given moment.  I am 1000% guilty of this.  I get to a stop light, gotta look at something on my phone.  Whether it is my work email, Instagram, Facebook, one of the games I am playing or how many views my blog got that day.  I find it is a constant struggle to not pick up my phone and look at it.  In fact, I have read some statistics that says the average smartphone user looks at their phone over 200 times per day.  200 times.

I have been trying to consciously notice how often I look at my phone.  I think it is most recently because of our baby Bentley that Samantha and I have adopted.  I catch myself on walks with him,  going to my pocket to check my phone.  For no other reason than I feel like I need to fill time.  Then I look at him, and how freaking adorable he is, and I can’t believe that I would rather be looking at my phone than enjoying the beautiful place I live with one of the cutest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of loving.  I remind myself that puppies grow at astronomical rates and before I know it, he will no longer be a puppy and these are the moments I need to enjoy.

On top of that, I am lucky enough to live with my girlfriend and my best friend.  The three of us are definitely guilty of being glued to our phones.  So we make conscious efforts to all put our phones in a pile, face down so we don’t ignore each other.  When we do this, we have the best conversations and the best times together.  I find I get a lot of inspiration from speaking with these two favorite people of mine.  But when we all have our phones, we tend to not get very deep at all.  We do things like laugh and chuckle at funny memes and share them with each other.

Life is too short to be constantly looking at your phone.  There are too many beautiful things to enjoy, to soak in, to experience in the world everyday than just looking at your phone.  Yesterday, I talked about how there is always the opportunity to improve yourself.  That is why I am working on stopping looking at my phone every free moment I get.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I am counting how many times I look at my phone, but I am thinking maybe I should.

Some food for thought on this Wednesday, our phones aren’t the things that help us be better people.  They aren’t the things that love us and support us and help inspire us.  That is because they are things, only material things.  So I challenge you to do the same, stop looking at your phones so much.  Enjoy the world, notice something beautiful as you drive to work, chat with someone at lunch versus just looking down at your phone.  Enjoy what you are lucky enough to have in this life.

I will stop talking now, so you have the opportunity to get off your phone… but I will leave you with this cute picture of my baby boy.  He really is getting bigger.


P.S.  If you catch me on my phone a lot, when I shouldn’t be, please call me out on it 🙂


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