Historic Times

Today something historic happened, the Supreme Court ruled that states can no longer ban same sex marriage.  I have never been more proud of my country than I am today.  Despite the horrible things that are going on with racism, where I constantly feel our country is taking steps backwards, today, today the United States of America took steps forward.

10 years ago, I will never forget one morning looking at our local paper before school.  It had an article about Massachusetts and how they were looking to allow same sex marriage in their state.  I remember thinking so many different things.  At this point, I knew I was gay and there was some struggle in my family about this.  Mainly it was due to the fact that I would never be able to marry, have children, etc.  I thought about how this was forward progress, at least one state was willing to recognize that love is love.  But standing in my kitchen that day, I NEVER thought that I would be able to say I could legally marry in all 50 states of my home country.  But today, I can finally say that I can.

I have been privileged enough to live in a state where being gay isn’t a death sentence.  I have been able to attend many of my friend’s weddings, where two girls stood together and declared their love for one another.  Each and every wedding was beautiful and full of love.  There was no doubt that my friends are meant to be together.  When you attend such beautiful ceremonies, it is hard to imagine that there can be so much hate for love.  Two of my friends have been together for 10 years, 10 years they have fought and battled and pushed to preserve their love.  Seeing them get married was a very special moment for me, I have never been more happy for them.  Because you see being gay is hard, it sucks to have to explain why you love someone, to have to fight harder to be with the one you love.  Relationships are hard enough without having to battle through them.  Why can’t people understand that love is just automatic?  It just happens, we don’t choose who we love.

Today, I am proud to be a gay American.  I am proud to stand with my LGBTQ community and know that we can marry just like our straight friends and family in any state.  Today, I am happy to say and know that love always wins.


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