Making Mistakes

We all can and will make inevitably make many mistakes in our lifetimes.  Nobody in this world is perfect and you don’t learn and grow when you don’t make any mistakes.  Things happen and they don’t always go right.  Life would be so boring if everything went as planned.  Mistakes are bound to happen, especially when you are trying to jump out of your comfort zone and when they do, the way you respond is the most important part.

It is easy to beat yourself up over: to over-analyze, re-trace every step and every detail leading up to the mistake.  Trying to figure out which one, if you had changed it, wouldn’t have led to the mistake.  You can drive yourself insane by doing this, but it is an a natural human reaction to want to figure out how to have fixed that mistake.  But you must remember that hindsight is 20/20 and you won’t be the first person or the last person to make a mistake.

Rather than beating yourself up, over and over again, when mistakes are made, small or big, take the time to reflect on them, and then move on.  Making mistakes can help you grow as a person and learn more about yourself.  Take the lessons learned and use them to not make the same mistakes again.


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