#TBT to That Time I was Fearful

I have written about fear quite a few times on this blog, but I think it is an important thing to discuss.  I think we forget when we are looking at others who we view as successful, that these people we look up to, are fearful too.  I would venture to say that there is not one person that I know and find inspiring that isn’t fearful of actually fulfilling their dreams and continuing to do so.

Fear can eat you up inside.  Fear can make you freeze and hold you back from your potential.  I can tell you that fear does this to me too.  But really what is fear?  At the end of the day, it is just a word, a four letter word mind you.  A word that only can gain power from the power you feed into it.  

Fear can be from a lot of things, and can lead to a ton of different feelings.  It can be the fear of failure, or it can be the fear of not being good enough.  But what I think the biggest issue with fear is, especially for me, is that one becomes fearful of actually making a difference.

It is a big responsibility to make a difference in this world, a real difference.  So it is easier to stay scared, to not fulfill your dreams and to stay complacent.  But there is nothing worse than wasting the opportunities that life gives you.  So don’t stay complacent, don’t stay fearful, and know that others you think have all their ducks in a row have and still are scared too.  It’s okay to be fearful, but it isn’t okay to let it hold you back.  Acknowledging the fear is just half the hard work, once you do that, then the real work can begin.


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