Tomorrow is Always a New Day

Last week, I felt extremely discouraged.  I am not exactly sure why, but I just felt off.  It had been feeling like I wasn’t performing to the best of my ability in all facets of my life, from being a good girlfriend, to being a good new dog mama, to being a good employee to even making sure I keep up with my personal loves such as blogging and CrossFit.  Nothing seemed to be going right, and I was feeling not good enough.  Despite all of the happy changes that are in my life, I felt like I may be overestimating my potential and my ability to make positive changes in the world.

I was very discouraged and down on myself, so much in fact that my girlfriend picked this energy up from me and reminded me of all the positive things that are in my life.  There are so many amazingly positive things happening right now which I need to remember.  She reminded me of the good things that I have been doing, and told me to stop focusing on the little things that weren’t going right, that I was better than that.  My favorite thing she said was “Bentley and I weren’t invited to the pity party, so do you want to be at a party by yourself?”  She is always really good at making me smile when I am feeling down.

She was and is completely right.  Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, or they don’t turn out exactly how you would have hoped.  But tomorrow is always a new day, a new chance to create, to inspire, to follow your dreams.  Even if your dreams feel untouchable or too big to be able to accomplish, the only way you accomplish them is continuing to stay positive and treating each day as a new opportunity to work towards them.

This is always why it is important to always surround yourself with positive people that will remind you that the glass is half full and not half empty.That support your dreams and help you work towards them when you want to give up.  That tell you “yes you can!” and not “no, you cannot.”  Keep people in your life that believe in you, and people that you believe in.  Then when the next day you are feeling down on yourself, turn to these people and have them help remind you that tomorrow is always a new day.


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