It’s Never Too Late to Have the Courage to Be Yourself

Today, Caitlyn Jenner did something amazing.  She came out and said to the world “this is me.”  After 65 years of living her life with a secret that weighed her down everyday, she finally decided enough was enough and became who she was always inside, who she was always meant to be.

I want to take a second to reflect on all of the out pour of love and support that I have seen all day for Caitlyn.  You couldn’t have gone on any social media channels, turned on the T.V. or walked down the street without meeting Caitlyn in some way, but what was better than that was how many positive messages I read for her.  How many people said things like “you go girl!” or “you look stunning and gorgeous!”.  It was beautiful and so amazing to see so much love for this beautiful woman.

Even though I am gay, and I am proudly part of the LGBTQ community, I do not even begin to pretend that I know everything about what it means to be part of this world.  Every one of those letters represents a different group of people who have faced different challenges for different reasons.  But what is special is that we are all part of that community together.  What I love about being part of this community is how different we are, I love learning about new identities, how people are coming into themselves and finally having the courage to just be who they are, whoever that is.  Especially when the idea of being trans was something that wasn’t even talked about when I was in high school.  For me all I knew was that you were either gay or a lesbian and there were some people who said they were bi.  I love the amount of education that is happening about trans men and trans women, as well as the many other identities.  The best way I have seen how identities can be explained is through The Genderbread Person, it shows so well that identity, attraction, sex and expression are not all connected.  They can be related, or they can be not related at all.  I love that people like Caitlyn are bringing light to these ideas.

But most importantly, I want to say congratulations Caitlyn. Sleep well tonight knowing that I am just one of millions who are proud of what you did, who are so happy and excited for you to finally live the life that you want to live.  Enjoy every moment of being yourself, soak it in and fall asleep knowing that you no longer have to be asleep to dream of being her, you are her, in your gorgeous glory and all.


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