As of yesterday, Samantha and I are now the proud Mamas of a beautiful baby named Bentley, who we adopted from the North Shore Animal League.  This shelter is the world’s largest NO-KILL Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization and let me tell you, they do not mess around.  We waited over 3 hours to get our baby Bentley, after a bunch of reference calls, as well as checks on our property management and back-up from our lease to make sure we can have a dog and would be responsible for him.

He is perfect and we can tell so special.  He was the first puppy we saw, I then did a quick swoop around the shelter but immediately went back to him.  We just felt connected to him right away.  As soon as Samantha held him for the first time, she burst out in tears.  We knew he had to be ours and he has already been so so good.

For a long time now, we have been wanting to adopt a baby puppy of our own and now we finally are in a place where we can.  It feels great to be able to save a life, because that is really what you are doing when you adopt an animal.  You are saving them, giving them a place to call their own and love they probably have never felt.  Although Bentley would have been not killed because he was at North Shore, he was one of the lucky ones that got to North Shore in the first place.  Think of how many animals that end up shelters that kill, and they lose their lives because there is no one to care for them, to love them they way they deserve.  It is just so sad.

While we couldn’t take all of the dogs home, like Samantha wanted, it felt good to save this little guy and give him a home where he can be happy, cared for and loved.  So if you are looking to bring an animal in your life, take the time and effort to adopt and not shop for one.  There are too many beautiful animals out there that need a loving family and home.

P.S. Be prepared for there to probably be a bunch of posts on the adventures of Bentley as well as our experiences as dog mamas. Today, he climbed the stairs (we have a long staircase to get into our townhouse) all by himself and we are so proud of that little guy.


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