I pride myself in being a great notetaker.  I can be on a conference call or in a meeting and pretty much take notes word for word of what everyone says.  I have been told that I take the best notes that some have ever seen in their career by multiple colleagues.  If I don’t take notes, I always get asked where they are because people constantly reference them.

While this makes me feel great that I can help out my colleagues and make sure initiatives and ideas get captured correctly, I always come back to the same thought: I don’t want to be just a notetaker, capturing other’s ideas.  I want to be a creator of ideas.  I want the things I am saying to be important enough for others to write them down.  I want to make sure that the words that I am saying help others, so they feel compelled to write them down so they don’t forget them.

Don’t go through life being just a great notetaker, while it is a great skill, you were put on this Earth for so much more than that.  Be an idea creator.


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