Dream, Dream, Dream

I have always been a dreamer, in more ways than one.  I am someone who dreams big, has a million ideas in my head, and always thinks the best of everything.  If you watch Modern Family, I am very much like Phil Dunphy and my girlfriend Samantha is very much my Claire Dunphy. But I also am a big dreamer at night.  I am someone who has extremely vivid dreams, with many details and crazy plots.  I have always remembered my dreams in the morning for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes they are more clear than others, but I always remember something about my trip to Dreamland the night before.

This morning I woke up after having a very interesting dream.  Very interesting indeed.  I will keep it short and not too weird so you all don’t think I am completely crazy.  Essentially I was on vacation with my amazing girlfriend and best friend.  We were staying in an awesome hotel room right on the beach.  Then the weather got crazy.  Like hurricane crazy.  We could see multiple hurricanes over the ocean coming straight for us.  We knew we needed to get away from the beach.  So we quickly started to pack up a couple of important things while the multiple hurricanes got closer.   This is when it got interesting, what I remember grabbing specifically was my signed copy of “Your Turn” by Seth Godin. The one where he wrote “Go Go” to me.  While I am not sure why I may have brought this special book on vacation, it felt extremely important that I grabbed it.  I could not lose it.

What I took away from this dream is a couple of things.  I really need to keep moving on the project I have been working on.  I have worked a fair amount on it, but there are some days that it feels too hard to work on for various reasons.  So I avoid it, I make excuses and it makes me feel like a fraud.  Definitely not a Ruckusmaker.  The other thing I took away, is that book that Seth signed is a beautiful reminder of the that fateful weekend that changed my life.  Clearly my subconscious was trying to tell me something.  It was trying to bring me Seth’s book as a reminder that it is my turn and I am the only one who can take that turn.

So I guess what I am getting at is that I love being a dreamer.  I love dreaming big and I love that my mind plays a new story for me every night.  But most importantly, in these stories my mind is trying to tell me something.  In this case my mind is trying to remind me that one of the people that I look up to so greatly believes in me enough that I can complete my project.  While I will always cherish that copy that Seth signed, my mind is also trying to remind me that the memories of that weekend and how it changed me for the better, is something that I will have forever.

P.S. I highly recommend that if you have not already, that you read Seth’s book “Your Turn”.  It is amazing and completely helped give me the confidence to work on things that matter.  I have a couple extra copies that I am willing to send those that would like a chance for it to change your life too.  All you have to do is ask 🙂


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