The Meaning of Material Things

I am not going to lie to you, I am a person that likes to shop and buy new things.  Over the years I have accumulated a lot of stuff, from clothes to shoes to hats to Apple products to video games and more.  I like to have the next best thing when it comes to technology, or clothes, or whatever really.  But two life events that have happened/are happening now that are making me come to the realization more and more, that things are just things, what is more important is creating memories with people that you love.

So the first life event is that I am moving.  After two years in my first big kid apartment with my beautiful girlfriend, we have decided we have outgrown our loft.  It has been great and we have made a lot of great memories here, but we are moving on to an awesome townhouse with my best friend who we consider family.  This is all exciting, except for now I need to deal with all the crap I have accumulated over the past years.  It really boggles my mind how much crap we have.  We came into this apartment with just basically our clothes and some furniture and now you literally can see clutter everywhere.  It is amazing how much physical items weigh on you mentally.  It feels so daunting to have to start packing everything up and get it moved out.  So much in fact, we have been really good at avoiding it!

But what we have decided is that we need to live more simply, if we haven’t used/seen/worn something in the past year, it’s out of here.  Going to charity or the garbage.  No need to keep so many physical items around.  I have learned over the years and the amount of times I have moved, that stuff is just stuff, but every time I settle down, it seems I collect more and more.  Well, not this time.  I am getting rid of the clutter and starting fresh.  Scout’s honor.

The next life event is something that I am still comprehending.  I still can’t believe it truly happened.  It probably deserves it’s own post, but it speaks to the idea that material things are nothing without people that you love, so I will write about it here.  This past Sunday, Samantha and I’s families met for the first time, EVER, in almost 3 whole years.  What transpired that day was truly magical, it was so special, and it is a day that I will never forget.  Each one of us only brought certain family members to the event for various reasons.  But each one of our family members meshed in a way that I couldn’t have planned myself.  Every one was laughing and joking, and conversations were flowing all over the place.  Every one truly wanted to learn about the other.  There was not one dull moment.  It was honestly the way that family should be.  No drama, no fighting, just pure love, honest and true love.  I know this is really mushy, but if you know anything about the history of Samantha and I, you will know that this was a moment we were not sure would ever come.

It reminded me that family is what you make of it.  That people who truly love you, will be there for you.  That they will love you no matter what, that they will take you in their arms and hug you because you are special and unique and just YOU.  I have waited for a long time for Samantha to truly feel unconditional love, more from just myself and my family, and she finally feels that from her beautiful family that I now so luckily get to call my own.  As her Aunt said, we are now ONE Family.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day, or a better group of people to call my mine.

So these life events are just a reminder to me to always hold on to the following ideas: things are just things and nothing more, memories are created with those you love, and last but not least, memories last a lifetime and can never be destroyed.


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