The Importance of Being on the Same Page

This week, I had a good friend do something really special, the blogs that I wrote this week resonated with him so much, that he shared not just one, but both of them on his personal page.  I am not sure he understands how much that meant to me.  I started this blog to start connecting with others: friends, family, and any other human being that comes across it.   I want to give everyone some insights into my head about how I view the world in hopes that it helps them with their every day life.

When someone feels that the words I write are important enough to like my post, or to comment, it makes me feel like I am doing my service to help the universe be a little bit brighter and I am helping them to see that they are not alone.  But to have Vin share my words, with his own group of Facebook connections, it made me realize that I am continuing to touch others when I am not even realizing it.  This is not something that I take lightly.  It means more than anything when I find out that my words meant something to someone.  It also fuels me to keep sharing, to keep writing and to keep showing up.

But more importantly, this blog is about being on the Same Page.  When Vin shared one of my posts, he mentioned the idea that you should always surround yourself with like minded people.  People that are positive and help push you to be better, rather than hold you back from your dreams.  Connecting with people that want to make a difference, whatever that difference may be, and help you to take the steps to make your own difference in the world.  I think one of the best things about my friendship with Vin, is I didn’t know when we first met that he would be one of those positive influences in my life.  But it was meeting him through CrossFit and then connecting on Facebook when I realized how similar our mindsets are.  We are very much on the Same Page when it comes to how we view life and how we want to live.  I had no idea when meeting him as one of my CrossFit coaches that we would connect on these views. Which is also a reminder that you never know when you are going to meet a great friend.  One that totally gets where you are coming from, that pushes you to be better and is consistently on the same page.

It is important to surround yourself with people that are on the Same Page as you.  This does not mean that they need to be exactly the same as you.  You may have grown up differently, have different skin colors, different sexual orientations, may have a huge age gap, the differences could go on and on, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot connect with them.   That you can’t learn from who they are and where they have come from.  It doesn’t mean that they haven’t come to the same conclusions as you about the world, the universe and what our place is in it.  I personally love connecting with people that are completely different than me, I love it even better when I find out that they are on the Same Page as me mentally.

Keeping people around you that are positive and want to see you grow is imperative to your growth as a person.  There is no need to keep people around that are negative, that bring you down and are constantly complaining.  You only get one shot at this life.  So why waste it with people that make you feel like shit?  That make you feel like the way you think is stupid, or that your hopes and dreams are a waste of time.  Why not spend it with people that think the same way as you do?  That hold you up, that make you feel as special as you are, that make you feel more confident, and that understand you.

Find those people that are on your Same Page, and keep them around.


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