Assembly Line of Life

Have you ever thought about the way we live our lives is similar to an assembly line? That we are actually just part of a larger machine, and we stay on the assembly line of life until we die?

Think about it this way:

  • You’re born
  • You go to school
  • You get good grades to get to a good college
  • You go to a good college to get a good job
  • You get a good job so that you can pay bills
  • You work hard at your good job to get a better job
  • You continue to follow that cycle until you may be lucky enough to retire
  • Then your life is basically over and you live out your days til you die

Sorry that sounds blunt.  It is meant to be an eye-opener.  Too many people I know live their lives this way.  We get on this Assembly Line of Life, we do things because we are told that is the way we should be doing them.  Just like an assembly line.  We get on and go down the line the way that all the other humans went down it before us. Just like parts of a machine go down the line to be built the exact same way as every other machine.  It has to be the same way each and every time, or we are told, it won’t work.

We are told to stay in line, don’t mess up the order.  Just keep moving the way the piece before you did.  If you ask why, it’s because that is how it works.  Just keep it moving.  If any piece tries to be different, it messes up the machine, because the machine needs to be built the exact same way as yesterday.  But to be blunt again, that is bullshit.  Great things aren’t created because someone did it before.  Great things aren’t created because you followed the Assembly Line of Life.

Great things are created BECAUSE you step off the belt, mess up the order and discover something that matters. 


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