For the first time since I have started this blog, I went a significant amount of time without writing a post.  One week I only wrote 1 and then last week, I did not write any.  This is not to say that I was not thinking about things I could be writing, or writing them down in my Field Notes notebook to share later.  But I had been caught up with a huge conference at Disney World for my company which I had flow right into my vacation.

I had so many things going on the week before vacation, my mind was going a million miles per hour.  It required a lot of face time and not a lot of time in front of my computer screen.  Face time is something that I highly enjoy and I actually feed off the energy of other people, but it slowed down my writing production.  This face time also led me to meet a new friend, and connect with someone who was a stranger a few days prior about how we view the world and how the universe works. The night after our fateful conversation, I wrote down many things that he got my thinking about including the idea that you can always meet great friends in the most unexpected places.

The point of this all though, is I, in essence was already unplugged before I headed into vacation.

Then, when I got the beautiful Punta Cana, with all intentions to write at least a few times that week.  After all, my blog and sharing my thoughts with the world has become one of my favorite things to do.  But what I found when I put my computer in my bag and headed towards the beach, was that I didn’t want to spend any moment in front of my computer or my phone.   So I didn’t.  But what I also found, was that it was struggle to not want to be completely plugged in.  Between my work, the organization I volunteer for, my personal social media pages and my blog, there were a million reasons to stay connected.

That struggle actually scared me.  Technology has moved so quickly and so fast since I was a kid, even since I was in high school, it is a bit daunting to think about how much we truly rely on it.  I was enjoying being unplugged but had anxiety about the amount of emails, personal and work, that I would need to check, facebook notifications I would need to respond to, and blogs I would need to write.  The world is moving so fast, and I was having trouble just enjoying the moment.  But I pushed through it, and I enjoyed just being on vacation, with my girlfriend, in a beautiful location I had never been to before.

If you have the chance, every once in awhile, I think it is good to just UNPLUG.


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