Dream. Inspire. Create

Today I got to experience the magic of Walt Disney World behind the scenes, which is not something that everyone gets an opportunity to do.  It was really eye-opening and cool to see some of the many tricks they have up their sleeves in order to make everyone’s experience at Disney the most special it can be, young and old a like.  I can honestly say, that even at the age of 27, I still feel the magic of Disney and I could do nothing but smile when walking through its parks and resorts.

But the biggest takeaway I took were the many signs I saw in what they call back stage, where all cast members (staff) get ready to be show ready for their guests included the saying “Dream, Inspire, Create”.  There were also other variations that said “Dreamed, Inspired… Created.”  If there is anything that I have taken away from Mr. Walt Disney, is just that, the idea that he dreamed up this magical place, one that includes the likes of Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and even my favorite clown fish Nemo.  Disney dreamed up this magical place, then he inspired others to dream the dream with him, and he created an empire.  One that in my opinion cannot be replicated by anyone else.

It is literally unfathomable how huge Walt Disney World is,  I walk around and see all the moving pieces working together in unison to create the most magical experience you can have.  There is no other word but amazing to describe how great it is. Disney is more than just the parks, but the fact that you can come here and experience the characters and world that we all experienced as kids in one shape or form, is an unforgettable experience.  I still remember the first and only time I came to Disney before and I am so lucky that I get to experience it again at this time in my life.  Disney made such an impact on me as a kid, that I still want to watch Disney movies as an adult.  I actually tend to enjoy them more now because I get all the little jokes and nuances they throw in there for adults much more.  But I digress.

The important lesson here is it was all started by a mouse.

This entire magical place, was started with just a mouse, one that used to be called Mortimer Mouse, until his wife Lillian Disney basically told him that Mortimer was not a suitable name for a children’s character and convinced him that Mickey was much better.  Which is just beautiful in so many ways.  Disney dreamed it all, he built his own tribe that believed in his magic and it has continued to grow even after his death so many years ago.  It is inspiring being a dreamer myself, to see and experience a place so magical that started with just a mouse, named Mortimer.

But the most important piece of the puzzle, is that Disney did not just dream, he did not just inspire others, he CREATED.  He brought forth his ideas, he showed up, and he changed the way that children grow up forever.  He brought work that was important to this world.  He brought happiness, smiles, love and magic to millions and millions of families.  For this, I highly respect Mr. Walt Disney.

If you take anything away from the world of Disney, take away the fact that just believing in your dreams and inspiring others is never complete until you actually create the work in this world that is meant to make a difference.


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