Bad Luck

This week I had a bout of bad luck.  I had purchased this really awesome suitcase from Marshalls for my upcoming trip for work and my vacation.  Being that I am going to be gone for two weeks, I needed something much bigger than my typical carry on suitcase.  So we went to Marshalls and my girlfriend Samantha helped me find the most amazing one.  It had been in a clearance section away from all the other luggage.  It was Sharper Image and dark grey which made me happy because I love having one that is a different color in the typical sea of black ones at the baggage claim.  It had a hard outer shell and two different compartments inside.  Not only was it really cool and functional, it was on sale for $58 down from the $320 retail price, what a deal!  I kissed Samantha and said “awesome baby, you’re the best, thank you!”

I have never been so excited to buy a piece of luggage.  I bet you are thinking that it is kind of weird, which it was, but I felt lucky I had found such a great steal.  Plus it was unique looking and felt like it fit my personality.  I loved this luggage so much, that I had started to pack in it right away, almost 2 weeks before my trip.  If you know me at all, you would know I pretty much wait to the very last minute to pack, sometimes hours just before my flight.  Even Samantha was a bit shocked once I started packing in it.

So you’re wondering where is the bad luck, right?  The bad luck comes in this week, when I went to go add more things to pack in it.  As I went to zip it up again, the zipper had some how come off one side of the track.  I stayed calm, and worked to try and magically get it back on.  I felt confident I could fix it.  Then I noticed somehow on the bottom of it, the zipper track had completely busted.  I sighed and thought “well this sucks”.  But decided despite the fact that I had already thrown out the tags and the receipt, (completely unlucky I know, but who keeps the tags and receipt for an item you love and is brand new?) I would try and bring it back to Marshalls anyway.  As a sidenote, this is when Samantha told me this is one of the many reasons she loves me, because she would have been freaking out and I basically said “oh well.”

So I went back to Marshalls the next day and plead my case.  The staff totally sympathized with me, but knew there wasn’t much they could do unless they had another one there to switch it out or compare it too.  Unluckily, I of course had bought the very last one.   The Manager didn’t even really think I had purchased it there because they had no other Sharper Image bags.  There was nothing they could do.  Awesome. I had to go buy another bag, and ended up shelling out another $100, which I didn’t really want to spend but it is what it is.

What’s the point of this whole story?  That despite my love for this luggage and the bad luck that it completely broke, I am LUCKY because of the following:

  • I have paid vacation and have the ability to take time off
  • I can afford to go on vacation
  • I get to go to Disney World, Harry Potter World and Punta Cana all in one vacation
  • I get to spend this vacation with my beautiful girlfriend
  • I can afford to buy another piece of luggage even if it is money I didn’t want to spend
  • I am happy and healthy, and so is everyone that I care about

Even this little bout of bad luck, it reminded me that in the grand scheme of things, that I truly am very lucky and I hope that you feel lucky too!


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