Monday Morning Information Overload

Every Monday morning comes with the same overwhelming feeling for me.  I always feel on information overload the minute I wake up knowing I have to be on my computer for the rest of the day for work.  There are so many things to do, to get done, to look at, to learn about, to accomplish.  It constantly feels like I can never get anything done, with work, the organization I volunteer for, or personally.

It can be quite paralyzing to realize how much information we truly have access to everyday.  Technology has allowed us to be able to move faster and accomplish things quicker than ever before.  Instead of using that to our advantage, I think many people become paralyzed by the amount of things you can do, rather than focusing on the things that you want to do.

Instead, don’t let the amount of choices overwhelm you.  Let the amount of choices excite you.  Choice is a privilege and one that should not be wasted.  Make sure to spend time choosing the things you love to do everyday.


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