Family doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.  We are living in a world where modern families are becoming more and more common.  There doesn’t always need to be a mom, a dad, and kids in the equation to have a family.  Family is what you make of it.  Family is who you decide that you are going to cherish and love and keep close.  My family means the entire world to me and I consider more than just my parents and my brother, my family.

I have best friends who would drop anything at any moment if I needed them.  Even if we don’t talk on an every day basis.  They are family.

I have a father who is getting married to the most amazing woman this coming October, through which I am gaining a sister.  They are family.

I have a girlfriend whose family has welcomed me with open arms, despite my sex.  They are family.

Then yesterday, my girlfriend and I received the best news that we could have possibly received.  We found out that her grandparents who had not known about us previously, accept us and love Samantha anyway.  It couldn’t have been a better Easter for the two of us and our family.

But through it all, I have learned that blood does not make someone your family member.  People who love you for you, despite your flaws and imperfections. People who love you for you, because you are amazing and unique and special in your own way.  People who love you for you, because that’s just it, you’re you.  Those are the people that you should hold close, cherish and call family.  The ones that stand by your side no matter what the circumstances are.  The ones that offer unconditional love and support.  Those are family members.  Because really, family is what you make of it.


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