Keep on, Keepin’ On

Some days it is going to feel like following your dreams or working on your project seem super daunting.  It doesn’t feel like you are good enough, just doesn’t feel right, or worst of all, it feels like you are picking the wrong thing.

That is fear speaking to you.  Trying to get you to stop what you are doing, and stay comfortable where you are. Stay fearful of your dreams, and of your goals.  You can’t actually achieve them.

Screw, fear.  

When that little voice speaks in your ear telling you to stop, I am here to tell you, keep on, keepin’ on, because you will never know the great things you can accomplish if you don’t keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Too many people hide behind fear and don’t give the world what it is thirsty for:

Meaning. Human Connection. Spreading Good & Beauty. Making a Difference.

So next time you don’t think you can put that pen to the paper, your fingers to the keyboard or your foot to the pavement.  Remember, just keep on keepin’ on, because amazing things will happen when you do.


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