Do It Anyway

Since I have started writing my blog, I will be honest, there are like 2 posts that I felt really confident about.  That I really loved, that I as I re-read I felt every word was in it’s perfect place.  I felt that people reading would connect with these words and I could not wait to post them.

As for the other 6 posts?  I almost didn’t hit the publish button.  The words just didn’t flow out right, they weren’t in their perfect place.  The message wasn’t getting across the way I intended.  So I re-read these posts more than the others.  Tweaked them here and there and posted them anyway.

What I found was, some of these posts that I was the most worried about, resonated the best with others.  When I least expected it.  So the moral of the story?  Even when you are fearful of what you are about to create:

Do It Anyway.


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