Just Say Thank You and Mean It

I think many times people forget the power of thanking someone.  We go through life so focused on our menial tasks and about what WE need to get done everyday that we forget we are able to get things done because of the other people that surround us.

It could be someone at work, someone at an organization you are volunteering for, maybe a friend or a family member, or even a stranger.  But every day we connect with other people in the world and they help us go throughout our day.  How often do we say thank you?  Many times, I think it comes automatically.  Someone hands you something, you say thanks! Someone answers your email, you say thanks! But do you ever stop to think about about how thanking someone makes the other person feel?

I try and make a point to always thank people for everything and anything.  Thank you to the lady who helped bagged my groceries last night, thank you to my girlfriend who started making dinner while I was in the shower, thank you to my CrossFit coach that told me he liked my blog post last week when I had no clue he was even reading it!

Those thank yous shouldn’t feel meaningless, they should make the person you are thanking feel great inside.  Because thanking someone and meaning it, is saying to them “I see you and I am acknowledging that you care.”  


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