Laugh Every Day

Yesterday I wrote this down in my Field Notes “laugh everyday”.  I believe laughter is the best medicine and if you take the time to laugh everyday, you are enjoying a moment, all these moments add up and lead to overall happiness.  I’m not talking about a chuckle, or a smile, I am talking about all out laughing.  Really taking the time to live in that moment and soak it up for all it’s worth.  

Then this morning, the above picture came up on my Timehop (for those of you unfamiliar, it is an app that shows you what you were doing on a bunch of different social media channels in the past years on this particular day).

This is my girlfriend Samantha and I, two years ago laughing uncontrollably on our couch.  I can’t tell you what it was in that moment that made us laugh, probably the fact that I can’t sit still when she wants to take pictures and so I was probably making funny faces.  She captured this candid moment and it became another reminder this morning how important it is to me to laugh everyday.  I am lucky enough to be in a relationship where I literally laugh my ass off all the time.  Over the stupidest of things.  But Samantha makes me laugh.  Makes me laugh every day.  It is in these moments every time, that I sit back and think to myself “how lucky am I to be in love with my best friend?”.  I hope everyone can find their laughing buddy and to be able to truly cherish them.  I don’t think I tell her how often I think how lucky I am, how special I think our relationship is and how much I love that she makes me laugh every day.

So Samantha, I love you, thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably every day, thank you for accepting my weirdness and quirks and ME for exactly who I am.

I hope everyone finds their person, that helps them laugh every day.


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