Different is Beautiful

Last night a commercial came on that I have seen a bunch, but love each time.  When I saw it again, the message came across greater to me.  It is for Android (which is funny that I love it because I am such an Apple person), called Friends Furever, and it shows a bunch of different animals, that are not related to each other in any way, essentially hanging out with one and other and having a grand ole’ time.  All of these animals are connecting with each other.  It starts off with an orangutan with their arm around a dog, then moves onto scenes such as a black lab playing with an elephant in the water and using them as a diving board, a baby rhino running around with a sheep, a dog pushing a cat in a stroller, a cockatoo feeding a husky a spaghetti noodle, a tiger snuggling with a brown bear and a bunch of other examples.

It ends with the following line: “be together. not the same.”

I immediately grabbed my Field Notes and jotted down some of my thoughts.  It brought me back to the idea of connecting with others regardless of what they look like, and the fact that they may be different than you.  The orangutan doesn’t care that the dog looks different than them, it doesn’t stop them from playing with or hugging them.  The cockatoo is much smaller than the husky, but still wanted to share a noodle with them because after all, sharing a meal with someone else is always special.

Attending Seth‘s Ruckusmaker workshop was very similar to the ideas brought forth in this 1 minute commercial.  Seth brought together 80 different individuals.  With 80 different career paths and projects.  Portraying the idea “be together, make your own ruckus, not one is the same.”  What I love about this group of people is the ability for all of us to connect regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age, background and any other differences we may have from each other.  It was so natural, so easy.  We all walked in scared, scared that we wouldn’t fit in, but we all enjoyed listening to each other’s stories, and helping pushing everyone to achieve their dreams.

In speaking with a fellow Ruckusmaker after that grand weekend, he asked if I would share my personal project with him, almost as if he was afraid I would not want too.  I of course wanted to share and he helped me gain an even greater vision for my project than I could have imagined myself.  One of my favorite things that he said to me was “you didn’t let our gender, our age, come between us, that made me trust you even more.”  To me I never want to let differences of human beings or any creatures on this earth for that matter come in the way of me connecting with them.  That is what I love about people, what I find so interesting, that we all have something beautiful and special to bring to the table.   As I said to him that morning: “To me a human is a human and connecting with all types of humans is the most amazing thing anyone can do.”  I believe that in meeting my fellow Ruckusmakers, I met 79 other people that feel the exact same way, that being different and unique is beautiful.

I want to thank Jake for having the courage to speak to me and push me to making my project something greater than I ever imagined.  It is a true gift that I will always be grateful for.


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