The art of actually writing things down is an amazing feeling.  Putting your hand to paper as it flows across the page is a truly beautiful thing.  It feels good to write things down physically.

Last weekend Seth Godin said, “if you have never heard of Blackwing pencils, you are welcome.”  Boy, am I ever thankful.

I remember when I was younger, Ticonderoga came out with a millennium version of their pencil that was black and silver.  I loved those pencils and connected so much with them.  This Blackwing pencil totally reminded me of that pencil, but WAY BETTER! 

There’s something really comforting about being able to erase something you wrote down.  Obviously, you can delete things on a computer, but there’s something magical about flipping around your writing utensil around and erasing what you just wrote, so you can re-word it differently.

I used this pencil for the entire weekend last weekend and towards the end, I put it behind my ear.  Having it behind my ear immediately gave me this confidence and sense of belonging, I knew what I needed to do now with that pencil behind my ear.  I need to state my POINT OF VIEW and start spreading my message through my writing.  This pencil took away all f my fears: that I wasn’t good enough, and that I couldn’t do it.  This pencil gave me the courage to stay YES, you too can be a writer.

Seth was right.  Yet again.

I felt compelled to look up these Blackwings, I knew I was going to need to buy more.  On their website it said, “It’s more than a pencil.  It’s an experience.”  So true.  That’s what it gave me, the experience of writing, gave me the courage to be a writer.  I then read about the amazing people who used the Blackwing to spread their message, like John Steinbeck, Truman Capote and Quincy Jones. It felt with this pencil, I could be part of their club.

I, of course wrote this blog post with the Blackwing, it felt only right.  It’s too bad I can’t actually use it to write it on the computer.  I also went and bought more Field Note books.  They are the perfect size to fit in my pocket and now I carry them around everywhere, so I can write down my thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.

Being someone who loves to connect with humans, it was so cool and magical to connect with an object.

Inspiration comes from the most interesting places.


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