This past weekend, I made TRUE connections.  Connections that are so deep and so honest and so raw.  I made these connections with people that were essentially strangers before 3/6/15, (expect for one awesome reconnection!) To me there is nothing better in the world than making a connection with another human being.  When the words flow out of you and as they reach the ears of your listener making their face light up, you feel a true validation that you are not alone in this universe.

I have always had an easy time making connections with others.  My girlfriend would say that I could talk to wall and the wall would enjoy the conversation.  It is something that has always come easy to me and something that I really love.  Despite that quality about myself, I still walked into The Purple Crayon last Friday to attend Seth Godin‘s Ruckusmaker workshop, completely unsure of myself in a room full of people that in my eyes are making amazing work, which make the world a better place.

Each time I entered this room, I still had a small sense of fear.  What was I going to say? How was I going to compare? Are they going to think that I don’t belong here?  Are they going to see right through me?

What I found was the exact opposite.  Each and every time I walked in that room.  As I spoke to the various Ruckusmakers, each one of them looked at me dead in the eye and we would nod heads as we conversed back and forth about how we each want to make a difference in the world.  Each Ruckusmaker and I connected through our words, through our hopes and dreams and through our spirits.  These connections were so special and so unique and I feel forever grateful that Seth and Winnie thought I was special enough to be a part of it.

So what did I take away from this weekend?  That the universe is more connected than I thought before.  That if you can imagine something, the universe will give you the opportunity to make those dreams happen.  This is due largely to the connections of the people that are placed in your path.  That by knowing, following and loving Seth, I became part of something bigger than myself, I became a Ruckusmaker.  These Ruckusmakers, these are MY PEOPLE and they all have now been placed in my path.  I feel more inspired and excited about life than I ever have before.  I am seeing the world in a whole new way that I knew was possible, but was so afraid of at the same time.  The greatest and most interesting thing about Ruckusmakers is it seems we all had this fear, but when we all got together, we all started to blossom fully.  Spring is in the air in more ways than one.  I can imagine that Seth may have planned it that way.

Thank you to my fellow Ruckusmakers for helping me start to bloom,  it is through our connections that I feel more confident than ever before.  As I have promised many of you personally, I will not let you down.


7 thoughts on “Connections

  1. christinedurban says:

    Really identify with this, Lindsay — “As I spoke to the various Ruckusmakers, each one of them looked at me dead in the eye and we would nod heads as we conversed back and forth about how we each want to make a difference in the world.” It says a lot for the feel of the event that that was the norm, not the exception. 80 people, some 70 total different activities represented, yet that connection. Life-changing.

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  2. wino2wineknow says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!! It’s a strange place, but you clearly have a voice. And I’m impressed with your early shipment… Looking forward to reading more from you! -Inga


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